Programming & Web Development

About experience and past developments


Blue Mantis - Digital Agency

PHP Web Developer

January 2017 - Present

Developing dashboards and applications within Laravel, business and eCommerce sites in Craft CMS, and developing front-ends to adhere to design specifications.

Tracsis Plc TADS Division - Transport Analysis

Senior Data Analyst / Programmer

August 2014 - January 2017

The main role closely related to that of a Full Stack Web Developer. Producing and managing databases in MySQL, PHP backend code, JavaScript frontend code, designing web pages with HTML and CSS, and occasionally creating graphics.

Website projects focused mainly around the storing, editing, and presentation of data such as job information or survey results, both for internal company tasks and client jobs.

Tracsis Plc (Sky High Technology Ltd) - Transport Analysis

Specialist Data Supervisor

March 2013 - August 2014

Coordinating a small team to run all analysis aspects of continuous projects. Focusing on the development and improvement of specialist areas of analysis work. Utilising VBA and Askia Training to improve current projects and expand into new areas.


Personal Development

Personal projects creating websites, small tools, and experimenting with libraries and APIs.


Portfolio Site

Craft CMS, HTML, SASS, Bootstrap, 3DS Max, Photoshop, Aseprite

Built for online presence and as a demonstration of Craft CMS implementation. Combining elements of web development and art together to present as a portfolio or resume. 

The choice of Craft CMS was to ease the creation of potential new website sections such as a blog or expanded art section using the system's 'Structures' and 'Channels', as well as to 'manage content'. The site was originally hosted on Amazon S3 as static HTML.


NodeJS, Amazon S3, Amazon Lambda, jQuery, JSON

A project focused on picking up Amazon Lambda and expanding NodeJS knowledge. A 'server-less' solution using no database.

A personal project to solve an issue navigating another website. Using Amazon Lambda and NodeJS to periodically extract the links from AmiAmi's sidebar menu to form into JSON files, it then generates a menu system that can form a new URL to show me the products I want to see that would either take several page loads to achieve or would require manual URL adjusting.

Minimap Extra Addon - Tree of Savior

Lua, XML

A side project pushed to GitHub briefly available for use on the game 'Tree of Savior'. Players wanting to explore 100% of each area without guessing or looking at their main map would be able to track the areas not yet explored coloured red and see their overall percentage in their mini map.

Not long after, the way addons were implemented into the game changed and this addon became redundant with the inclusion of this feature in bigger addon bundles.


Object Oriented PHP, MySQL, AngularJS

An idea to collect and display user reviews and ratings about multiplayer online games. Collecting information about what an MMO does well and what it does badly, a user would then be able to view games with particular focuses that others rate it highly for.

The focus of the project was for an interactive modal-based front-end powered by AngularJS.