Senior Software Developer

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Personal Development

Partaking in Game Jams and small side projects to learn new technologies. Improving on Object Design and SOLID principles. Learning Design Patterns.

Currently building a site to easily store items, dialogue, relations and localization for use in game development. Built with Golang and React to run on AWS as a Lambda, API Gateway, and RDS. Using testcontainers and localstack to spin up a local environment and test.

GoGreen - Waste Management

Senior Software Developer

October 2022 - Present

A large waste management and recycling outsourcing company. Undertaking a system rewrite using Symfony and AWS. Working in a small 3-man development team along with contractors.

  • Developing a Golang API on Lambda with S3, SES, RDS to receive audit data and generate PDFs

  • Creating Golang one-way and two-way data syncs to transfer data from one system to another

  • Utilizing Terraform to generate infrastructure across AWS development and production environments

  • Prototyping the front-end of a Flutter app for a supplier job-tracking system

  • Looking into new technologies, like testing the viability of graph databases such as Neo4J, Postgres Apache AGE, and SurrealDB

  • Managing contractors’ workloads and undertaking meetings with domain users to gather user stories

  • Leading the implementation of standups over Teams and use of Confluence

Gear4music - Online Retailer

Software Engineer

February 2022 - October 2022

A large online retailer selling music products. Using an in-house OO Clean Architecture PHP Framework and Google Cloud Services.

- Focused on developing additional features for the administrative side of the product with PHP and React JS

- Expanded further on the functionality of a Google App Engine app integrating with Amazon's API

- Worked on multi-lingual Elastic Search

Invent Partners - Digital Agency

Full Stack Developer

February 2020 - February 2022

A small agency team working on two major projects in the auction automotive industry and the dental education sector. Using an in-house OO MVC PHP Framework.

Automotive Auction Platform:

- Focusing on writing/optimising MySQL queries for reporting and tables.

- Integrating V12 Finance API to process credit applications for buyers at vehicle auctions

- Data imports and exports, PDF generation, working with Cap API and other vehicle lookups

Dental School Software:

- Fully test-driven development of University timetabling system

- Writing API structure to be consumed by Vue frontend developer

Blue Mantis - Digital Agency

PHP Web Developer

January 2017 - February 2020

A small digital agency team, which expanded from 5 to 20 employees over a couple of years. Focusing primarily on Laravel projects but also involved in CMS and eCommerce sites.

Penstripe - School Planner and Teacher Diaries Dashboard:

- Integrating Chili Publish into a Laravel dashboard to enable our client and hundreds of schools across the UK to customise their own planners and diaries

- Meeting and working independently with the client to deliver the product

- Implementing different PDF services to merge files and alter planners ready for printing

- Polling Chili Publish for managing PDF generation queues using Laravel jobs

- Optimising MySQL queries and writing views for reports and progress monitoring

Traffic and Pedestrian Analytics Dashboard:

- Working with Bluetooth and WiFi scanning technology to display travel and waiting patterns on a Laravel Dashboard

- Implementing Vuetify frontend alongside ChartJS and D3

- Using AWS RDS and Laravel Jobs to convert raw data into analytics figures

Recruitment Agency KPI Dashboard:

- Implementing new features on a Laravel dashboard to display analytics of employees, teams, and branches.

- Implementing HR-related features and role / privilege hierarchies

Tracsis Plc TADS Division - Transport Analysis

Senior Data Analyst / Programmer

August 2014 - January 2017

The position was of a mix full stack web developer and data analyst which evolved over the years. Website projects focused around project planning or survey results, for internal or client use.

- Website design and development, PHP, MySQL, JQuery, Bootstrap and AngularJS, alongside ChartJS and mapping libraries

- Optimisation of project planning and work processes through the use of Java, VBA, and web development

- Compiling reports based on the results of collected data, and guides for instructional use

Responsible for all analysis aspects of a major project. Assisting in the development of new projects. Coordinating a small team to run analysis of continuous projects. Optimising development pipelines. Utilising VBA and Askia Tablet Survey Training to improve current projects and expand into new areas.

Tracsis Plc (Sky High Technology Ltd) - Transport Analysis

Specialist Data Supervisor

March 2013 - August 2014

Coordinating a small team to run all analysis aspects of continuous projects. Focusing on the development and improvement of specialist areas of analysis work. Utilising VBA and Askia Training to improve current projects and expand into new areas.

Personal (Past)

Personal Development

Personal projects creating websites, small tools, and experimenting with libraries and APIs.