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Memora Wanderer

Solo Dev

April 2023 - Present

Memora Wanderer is a nostalgic callback to the mid-2000s with a 3D Low Poly + Pixel Art bright artstyle. Akin to the isometric / top-down ARPGs and MMOs of the day where the importance lies in choosing your class progression, stats, skills, talents, and appearance.

Players will enjoy the questing, grinding monsters for rare items, designing their character builds, and gathering or crafting their ideal headgear.

Killer Maid Service

Solo Dev

2021 - On Hold

A mini auto-runner auto-shooter prototype, currently on hold. Control which platform you're on and which direction you're running in, switch weapons and grab powerups. Try to defeat all the enemies and then clean them up for extra points. A solo dev project.

Taddie's Tales

Pixel Artist / Game Developer

August 2017 - On Hold

Primarily the Pixel Artist for the game Taddie's Tales. Currently a three-man team working on a traditional platformer, inspired by classics such as Super Mario and Donkey Kong. We have a demo out, check out the site at

LDJam 52 - Agent 001

Solo Dev

6th January 2023 - 9th January 2023 (72hrs)

A old-school 3D pixel art FPS, like Doom meets Goldeneye. Your gun is customizable with parts gathered from to fire different types of projectile, add the ability to shoot faster or hack terminals with it. A solo jam game that achieved top 10 in innovation!

GMTK Game Jam 2022 - Roll Racer

Game Developer / Pixel Artist

15th July 2022 - 17th July 2022 (48hrs)

A 3D kart racer with 2D pixel art based on the theme 'Roll the Dice'. The dice determine your powerup strength. You can stack the values of the same powerup until level 7, but be careful, if you roll a higher total and go bust, you'll be hit yourself. Inspired by classic board games, like Monopoly, you can also purchase Real Estate which will help you or hinder your enemies. A 3-man team.

Ludum Dare #50 - Wrath of Dog

Pixel Artist / Game Developer

2nd April 2022 - 4th April 2022 (72hrs)

A 2D platformer on the theme 'Delay the Inevitable'. Delay being sent back to heaven after being struck by lightning by using your ghost to possess other creatures. A 2-man Unity project.

A Game By Its Cover 2021 - Microgarden

Game Developer

1st August 2021 - 15th September 2021

A 3D table top garden builder. The objective is to place plants on to the table and keep their health high by using items and optimal placement. I teamed with a 3D Artist and focused on a lot of UI interaction.

Ludum Dare #48 - End of my Rope

Pixel Artist / Game Developer

24th April 2021 - 27th April 2021 (72hrs)

A 2D platformer with 3D environment where you can shoot arrows and swing on ropes. You need to go deeper and deeper, which is the theme of this jam. A 4-man team Unity project.

Ludum Dare #47 - Looper

Pixel Artist / Game Developer

3rd October 2020 - 5th October 2020 (72hrs)

A 2D Platformer where you have the power to play back "Loops" of yourself when you die. Set up loops of your past movements to beat the levels. A duo Unity project.

Ludum Dare #46 - StarShip Hamster

3D Artist / Game Developer

18th April 2020 - 21st April 2020 (72hrs)

A 3D turret shooter for the game jam theme: Keep it Alive. Keep your StarShip Hamster alive by feeding it cabnages and fighting off enbemies. This was a duo project made in Unity.

Mini Jam #46 - Cop Kart

Solo Dev

24th January 2020 - 27th January 2020 (72hrs)

A 72-hour solo jam with the theme of JUSTICE and the limitation of only 4 colours. Drive around the course in a Mario Kart art-style, shooting bad guys and delivering justice before the timer runs out.

Ludum Dare #45 - Pandamonium

3D Artist / Game Developer

5th October 2019 - 7th October 2019 (72hrs)

A 3D Adventure Platformer made for Ludum Dare 45 Game Jam. To match the theme, you start with nothing, but gain powers as you explore the world! This was a duo project made in Unity.


Solo Dev

2nd August 2019 - 4th August 2019 (48hrs)

Deer Flipper is a top-down pixel art puzzle game! Made for the GMTK Game Jam 2019 where the theme is 'only one'. In this case you have only one move... and that is to FLIP! This was a solo project made in Unity.

Ludum Dare #44 - Moneyons!

Game Developer / Pixel Artist

27th March 2019 - 29th March 2019 (72hrs)

Teamed up with another Unity Developer, another Pixel Artist, and an Audio Designer. All 4 of us were involved in Unity whether it be putting in sound and assets, level design, or programming.

MiniJam #25 - Spirit Rush


5th April 2019 - 8th April 2019 (72hrs)

Took part as a duo in the Mini Jam theme: Spirits. We split the game development work, I did the pixel art and the other guy did the audio. Play it in-browser here:, and I have released the assets for free here:

Ludum Dare #43 - Amulet of Qayin

Game Developer

1st December 2018 - 4th December 2018 (72hrs)

Taking part in a three person team for the Ludum Dare Game Jam, this time as the sole programmer. This game is a top down puzzle game in style of classic Zelda. Play it now over at

GM48 - Pokee & Blue

Game Developer / Pixel Artist

October 2018 (48hrs)

Originally made as a solo developer for the 48 hour GameMaker game jam, it was developed further into a cute procedural turn-based rogue-like. Play it in-browser over at!

Ludum Dare #42 - GoldSlash

Pixel Artist

10th August 2018 - 13th August 2018 (72hrs)

The main pixel artist in a 4-man team for Ludum Dare's 72 hour Game Jam. The premise is to collect gold enough coins from the goblins to use your time machine before the lava reaches you. I released the assets made for the game over here for free:

Ludum Dare #41 - Super Bullet Mania Reloaded

Pixel Artist

21st April 2018 - 24th April 2018 (72hrs)

Our entry for the Ludum Dare Game Jam, combining a text adventure choice system with a tower defence for all out chaos.

Renegade Medieval

3D Character Artist

2011 - 2012

Working with other artists on a 3rd Person medieval combat game similar to Chivalry.